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Last night, a client asked me to help him set up his tablet.  We started with musics, the basics like Spotify and Pandora.  Then he started mentioning videos…

…I waited…

…We continued setting up the music stuff… then he asked the question I had been dreading for the last half hour:

"I don’t know if you’d mind, but, sometimes, I like to look at porn and I was wondering if you knew of any free sites…?"

But before I got too judgmental, I started to think about it:  Who am I to stifle someone else’s desire for sexual expression?

The initial shock had more to do with the fact that a fifty-two year old man asked me to help him get access to porn without shame.

I just hope there aren’t any follow-up questions…

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Just finished season one of Pushing Daisies and have to wait for the library to get season two in and all I can say is, “WHY?!?!?!”

That’s one damn good cliffhanger.

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