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Reading the books:

Dumbledore dies = weeping like a babe (although it was about three in the morning and I was really tired).

Hedwig dies = meh.  

Dobby dies = meh.  

Snape dies = meh.

Watching the movies:

Dumbledore dies = meh.

Hedwig dies = Omigod, I have all of these feels! <single glistening tear>

Dobby dies =  Keep your composure <soft sobs> Molly Weasley is going to tear that bitch up later…. it’s going to be okay because Dobby is happy…

Snape dies =  OH MY GOD!!! <ugly cries> NO!  WHY!?!?! WHY!?!? His patronus was a doe just like Lily! His patronus was a doe like Lily’s!  Her loved her more than James did!  WHY?!?! WWWWHHHHYYYYY!?!?!<pauses movie because vision is no longer possible through my glasses and, you know, dry heaving from the devastation>

How long will I have to feel this pain!?!?!

And that, my friends, is what Alan Rickman does to me.  This isn’t isolated either… it’s every single time.

I’m such a Snape… and damn proud.

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On a somewhat related note, I’m not the only one who things that Lucius Malfoy attempting to avada kedavra Harry Potter over the loss of Dobby was little too extreme, right?

Like, dude! You’re a wizard—doing your own laundry can’t be that tough and, if you need pointers, Molly Weasley practically wrote the book how to clean like a badass if you’re a wizard.

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In Star Wars, Luke Skywalker’s light saber if green and Darth Vader’s is red.

In Harry Potter, Lord Voldemort’s wand stream (?) is green and Harry Potter’s is red.

Does anyone else find this really conflicting?  

I get it: in Star Wars it’s the simple red = evil, green = good and in Harry Potter it’s red = Gryffindor and green = Slytherin, but it still gets to me.

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Watching 3 Ninjas because the VCR is the only thing that works in the sewing room

Dear Emily:

Rocky didn’t create those bullies that stole your bike. For all intents and purposes, I agree with my boo, Colt: you’re slow, and there’s no excuse for it. Women have the same strength capacity as men when it comes to the legs.

So next time, gonad up and go into the construction zone after your boy… or he might stop loving you.

Oh sure, he’s about to get his basketball on against the really tall bully that is almost certainly a red-headed step child and, inexplicably win.  But, come on chickadee, you can’t blame him because, to be perfectly honest, had you followed him, you would have been out of the bully zone.


A Woman Whose First Drive-In Memory Is This Movie

I’m totally watching Kick Back after this… 

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